ESRA  SPDE ™  successfully deployed in several U.S. states     



Boca Raton, Florida (ESRA) February 1, 2006-  Each year, billions of dollars are spent on highway maintenance and construction

costs in the United States.  The overloaded truck, whether legal or illegal, contributes to premature pavement damage. A lack of automation

and cutting edge technologies tend to burden commercial vehicle enforcement agents.


ESRA Consulting Corporation (ESRA) is pleased to present the Straus Pavement Damage Estimation ™, or ESRA SPDE ™, and its family

of sophisticated proprietary pavement damage estimation tools.  The ESRA SPDE ™ is an integrated application that estimates pavement

damage due to overweight vehicles.  Rapid quantification of pavement damage ultimately improves motorist safety and reduces time and

expenses associated with labor and training.  The ESRA SPDE ™ may therefore save government agencies and contractors millions in

pavement expenses and estimation techniques


The ESRA SPDE ™ has appeared in recent government reports, including FHWA-AZ-05-528, published through the

Arizona Department of Transportation, United States Department of Transportation, and Federal Highway Administration.  

The ESRA SPDE ™ has also been successfully deployed in several government settings.


According to the State of Vermont Vermont Agency for Transportation (Vtrans), Pavement Management Section,  

With the movement toward the Mechanistic-Empirical design approach there is strong potential for ESRA SPDE results to play a part in

developing more efficient and reliable pavement structures… all indications are such an undertaking could pay dividends for VTrans."


ESRA provides global services and proprietary technologies in transportation, energy, security, and the environment.  The ESRA SPDE ™ is

an ideal innovation for transportation departments, pavement contractors, trucking industries, petroleum companies, public utilities,

highway safety patrols, engineering companies, and numerous government agencies. 


Copies of the report FHWA-AZ-05-528 may be obtained through ESRA and the Arizona Department of Transportation

Most Department of Transportation libraries also loan copies, such as the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  The Transportation Research Board (TRB) offers

downloadable copies


For further information on the ESRA SPDE ™, please contact ESRA at 1+561+361+0004 or E-mail.