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"This report is more then excellent. You have some real researchers working on this. They have come up with some very helpful and innovative facts and figures. Thank you for that."

-Arizona  Motor Vehicle Division                                                                                                                          (SPR 528: Cost of Damage Done to Arizona Highways by Overweight Vehicles)  

"....This type of information has never been available to VTrans but has always had great potential whether it be in development of permit fees or, specifically for our Section, in the design of new pavements.  With the movement toward the Mechanistic-Empirical design approach there is strong potential for SPDE results to play a part in developing more efficient and reliable pavement structures.  Based on the recently received deliverable and the pleasant experience of working with ESRA professionals on this project, all indications are this undertaking could pay dividends for VTrans."

-State of Vermont Vermont Agency for Transportation, Pavement Management Section

"The calculated SPDE value is reasonably close to what we anticipated.... The accompanying report is useful...  We will use the SPDE and accompanying report to provide to our state agencies.   We are satisfied with the SPDE results."

-Wyoming Highway Patrol

"We never estimated pavement damage due to overweight vehicles.  The calculated SPDE value is useful.  The accompanying report is useful. We will use the SPDE and accompanying report to provide to our federal agencies (FHWA and FMCSA)...."

-State of Vermont, Department of Motor Vehicles, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit

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