Study:   Tribes doubt preparedness for WIPP accident

   Last Update: 05/16/2003 12:12:58 PM By: Kurt Christopher

(Carlsbad-AP) -- A survey of New Mexico’s tribal leaders finds many doubt they’re prepared to deal with an accident involving radioactive shipments to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

A Florida consulting firm—Environment, Safety and Risk Associates Corporation—surveyed tribal views toward the underground dump near Carlsbad.

Company president Sandy Straus says that while many tribal leaders have visited WIPP, they have only limited association with it.

Straus surveyed representatives from all 23 tribes in New Mexico last year about WIPP, interviewing tribal governors or environmental officials.

More than 56 percent of the tribes surveyed live near a WIPP transportation route.

And 69 percent of those most affected felt they were not adequately prepared.


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