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ESRA  Consulting  Corporation

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ESRA designs & manufactures automated transportation and medical screening tests and systems.  ESRA also develops fully automated truck lanes and provides transportation and explosives safety training and education.  Established six years ago in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida, we welcome partnering opportunities.

 As widely published and recognized authorities, the ESRA team also provides outstanding expert witness testimony, analysis, and animation for cases involving:


ESRA also provides the following additional services:

Drivers License Test DesignTransportation Engineering *Explosives Blasting License Preparation  Pavement StudiesOverweight TrucksSurveysSite and Code EvaluationsData AnalysesEcological Risk AnalysesEnvironment AnalysesPetroleum  StudiesRisk Assessment*   Statistics* Wetlands delineation* Expert Witness ServicesLitigation SupportPolicy and technical reviews* Hurricane EngineeringRadioactive Waste Repositories* Regulatory InterpretationRisk CommunicationRisk ManagementRisk Perception StudiesSafety EngineeringPhase I   *Patents*  Truck Lane DesignsPavement Damage Cost Estimation* Flood risk studies* Mine Safety* Transportation license test system* Fire Risk Assessment* Disaster Preparedness*





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