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ESRA Consulting Corporation ™ is a powerhouse of innovation, invention, publication, and certification. 

ESRA is a world-class leader in innovative designs, technology,  and consulting to improve construction, energy, environment, health, safety, security, transportation, and waste disposal.

ESRA is also recognized by the United States Department of Defense.

ESRA is staffed by a unique and talented team of engineers, licensed contractors, and support personnel.

Founded in 2003 as Environment, Safety, and Risk Associates,      the company was soon renamed ESRA Consulting Corporation    to reflect its expanding interests and specialties.   In 2020, it added a product development and distribution division,

Safe We Start ™ , to its repertoire. 

ESRA is a creative woman-powered,  Woman  Business Enterprise (WBE) dedicated to offering outstanding services and designing first-ever products that offer premier solutions to challenges in a home, on a job, in an office, in a vehicle, at a voting machine, and in a garden.   

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